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Revised and renewed trellis

A couple years ago I made a simple Black locust trellis to support two newly planted Coral honeysuckle vines (Lonicera sempervirens).  I have read many times that Black locust is a long-lasting wood that does not decompose quickly and therefore … Continue reading

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Creating a hoop house (eventually)

I want to have fresh greens during the winter season without having to go outside to cover a lot of vegetable beds (in the bitter cold and wind) prior to bad weather setting in . . . and then going … Continue reading

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Creating new bed with nature

There’s an area of grass that I’ve been wanting to convert to some more beds.  I finally started turning over the soil and removing the grass this summer.  Next, I opened a coning with the Deva of the Gardens and … Continue reading

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Trellis play

Check out the trellis I made with green limbs of black locust.  It is wire-tied to some T-posts driven into the ground.  Bentwood trellis work intrigues me and I wanted to apply it within my landscape.  This trellis supports a … Continue reading

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