Cat vs. bat

111112 P1480606I had just finished photographing some plants which were still blooming when I heard my cat calling to me.  He had that special call which says, “I’m so good!  Look at me.  I caught something wonderful and I want to show it to you.”

Oh my!  He had managed to catch a bat!  A little brown bat to be specific.  Although, in the photo above, it almost looks like the bat has caught the cat since its wings are covering the cat’s face.

111112 P1480608After dropping the bat in the yard, my cat seemed to be less interested in playing with it any more and was willing for me to perform a “bat rescue.”  I put the cat in the house and went back out to see if the bat might survive.

111112 P1480612I found the bat had been pretty severely injured and it would not / could not grab a twig I offered it.  I carefully wrapped it in leaves and placed it into the woods.  Even though it was relatively warm today, the night temperature was going to drop to freezing again.  I suspect the bat will not make it.

The only other question remaining was how did the cat capture the bat?  This particular cat loves to climb trees.  Perhaps he climbed a tree and disturbed a resting (beginning to hibernate?) bat.  Any movement from the bat would attract the cat’s attention and I suspect the bat would have been very slow to move since it was cool and sunny.

Rest in peace, little one.

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