Boneset harvest

Drying bonesetI harvested, dried and saved boneset for the first time about six weeks ago.  Remember all those boneset stems hanging to dry?  Well I removed the leaves from their stems, crumbled them and put them in this jar.

I connected with the deva of boneset and inquired whether I could harvest any more boneset this year from the same plant.  The answer was “yes.”  I asked how many stalks to harvest and was told “eight.”  As I cut the stalks, I noticed that new leaves were growing from the stalks I cut in July.  Okay!  So I do not need to worry about this plant getting enough growth to support itself with strong roots which will sprout new growth next spring.

Since many of the leaves were damaged by bugs or had partially died, I decided to take the leaves from the stalks and dry them individually instead of hanging the entire stalk to dry as I did last time.  The photo above shows the boneset as it is drying on the table, along with the jar holding July’s harvest.

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