Black swallowtails

Black swallowtail

A strong rainstorm blew through, followed by sunny skies.  The black swallowtails were everywhere afterwards — drinking as much as they could — from butterfly bush flowers and puddles on the ground.  If you look carefully at the next photo, you can see the butterfly’s curled proboscis.

Black swallowtail (proboscis)

And in the next photo, the proboscis is extended into the flower.

Black swallowtail

The storm knocked down boneset stems, corn stalks and it looks like the butterflies, too.  I saw more than one butterfly with damaged wings . . .

Black swallowtail

This one was able to keep flying and feeding.  It was hard to watch another one damaged so badly that it could not fly.  I realize each butterfly’s days are numbered.  Still . . . .

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