Black snake rescue

Wood pileFour days ago I went out in the morning to discover that a pile of split and stacked wood had fallen.  “Ah well, I’ll just have to try again and do a better job of keeping things level or tilted back toward the slope.”

The next evening one of the cats found a black snake under some of the fallen wood–at the edge of the pile.  I rescued the snake by putting the cat back in the house.  Each time we’ve gone outside since then, I’ve seen the black snake in the same place.  I didn’t think too much of it because that snake had been moving around and fussing at the cat each time she investigated it.

Black snake 3Today I finally re-stacked the wood.  In the process, I encouraged the snake to go back to a safe place in the pile of wood.  At first, it turned its body round to keep facing me no matter which way I approached it.  A couple times it lunged toward me.  Definitely intimidating. . .   Anyway, I gently pushed (with gloved hand holding a small piece of wood) against the snake who immediately dashed for a space under the freshly stacked wood pile which was slightly elevated off the ground.

Black snake 1When I processed the photos later, I realized the snake had been injured.  There is a mark of blood on the piece of wood to the left of the snake.  I looked back through the previous days’ photos and found one I took the first night which shows the back portion of the snake’s body . . . AND that it was pinned under a piece of wood.

Black snake 2I felt really bad when I realized the snake had been caught under the wood for at least four days.  However, I guess I can be grateful I did rescue it (finally) and I am hoping it can recover completely from this experience and get some food for itself.  I know there are lots of lizards hanging around that wood pile.

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