Berry garden pruning

The raspberry plants are leafing out.

This afternoon’s coning (and conversation) included the Deva of the Garden and the deva of each type of berry plant in the berry garden. I wanted guidance on how much to prune the raspberries, blackberries, and blueberries. Since I planted them two years ago, the raspberries have spread prolifically which was not a surprise. The surprise was how long the blackberry canes had grown last season. They had tip-rooted great distances away from the mother plant. As it turned out, I cut most of the blackberry canes in two parts and trimmed them shorter per nature’s instruction. This was the first trimming for the blueberries. Some of them grew lovely long branches last year which needed cutting back a bit today.

Since we had such a snow-filled (wet) winter, I expect an abundant harvest of berries this year.  I can see and taste them already!

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