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This morning I noticed something amazing — the green leaves of a healthy cyclamen growing along the driveway.  And then I remembered . . . over three years ago I had planted cyclamen bulbs in three places.  Two of those … Continue reading

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Green smoothie — on the wild side

This is so cool . . .  I have been reading about adding foraged greens to a blended drink.  So I tried it out.  I found a nicely sized bittercress plant in the yard.  After picking the plant and removing … Continue reading

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“Wild” green salad

I’ve been enjoying some fresh salad greens for a couple months — despite the cold wintery weather.  Gradually I am learning which “weeds” are actually edible in a salad.  So . . . with the addition of chickweed, sheep sorrel, … Continue reading

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Do the frogs know something I don’t?

The frogs came out of winter hibernation about a week ago when we received lots of cold rain.  They’ve been croaking ever since.  And now they have even mated and laid eggs!  Today is a cold, windy, cloudy 40 degree … Continue reading

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Let me hibernate

I was cleaning out stones which had fallen into the frog pools when I came to this stone.  I lifted the flap of pool liner which was covering the stone and saw . . . . . . a frog … Continue reading

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Cat vs. bat

I had just finished photographing some plants which were still blooming when I heard my cat calling to me.  He had that special call which says, “I’m so good!  Look at me.  I caught something wonderful and I want to … Continue reading

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Rose hip harvesting

I planted a rose bush (Rosa canina) a few years ago.  This year there were some lovely looking rose hips that I decided to harvest.  Then I was puzzled.  How do I “process” them?  A bit of Internet searching indicated … Continue reading

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Muscadine harvest

A month ago (above photo), the muscadine grapes started ripening.  As they ripened even more (photo below taken two weeks later) . . . . . . I began eating a few each day.  And recently, I had enough ripe … Continue reading

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A gift of Jerusalem artichokes

It may not look like much at the moment . . . and . . . this is the new Jerusalem artichoke bed.  A friend gifted me with some surplus and, after checking with the Deva of the Garden about … Continue reading

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Colorful beans

I love the look of these beans with all their varied hues.  They are actually the same type of bean: Kentucky Wonder green bean seeds.  As they dry out, they turn from light green to tan in color.  I expect … Continue reading

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