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Magical Nodding ladies tresses

Three years ago I found this beautifully blooming plant at the edge of the woods near the asparagus bed.  After some research I identified it as a Nodding ladies tresses (Spiranthes cernua).  Wow!  I’d never seen a plant like this … Continue reading

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Watermelon smoothie

This year’s garden produced one large 23 pound watermelon and many smaller watermelons.  After getting them to the “ripe and ready to eat” stage, I wondered how to eat so much watermelon.  I experimented with making a watermelon smoothie . … Continue reading

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Boneset appreciation

Years ago, I planted some boneset seed in a new herb garden bed.  It sprouted and grew.  Since then, the plant has expanded and grown stronger.  For the past several years I’ve been harvesting the boneset leaves for both a … Continue reading

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Making maple syrup

I love maple syrup.  Living in the mountains of western North Carolina, I see lots of red maple trees but have yet to find a group of sugar maple trees.  I always  “knew” that sugar maple sap is the ingredient … Continue reading

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Revised and renewed trellis

A couple years ago I made a simple Black locust trellis to support two newly planted Coral honeysuckle vines (Lonicera sempervirens).  I have read many times that Black locust is a long-lasting wood that does not decompose quickly and therefore … Continue reading

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White pine blessings

I’ve been reading about Eastern white pine (Pinus strobus) and how its needles (with Vitamin C) can be used to make pine tea.  Today I also found a recipe for pine oil, pine oxymel and pine salve (reportedly useful with … Continue reading

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Asking for help to cut down tree

A black locust tree — which a few years ago was a small sapling and was now a nearly twenty-foot tall tree — needed to come down.  I had confirmed this decision with the Deva of the Garden.  Since the … Continue reading

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After recent bitter cold and gray cloudy days, today the cloud cover began breaking up.  I took advantage of the warmer temperature and journeyed out to the vegetable garden beds.  I weeded a few and it felt great to have … Continue reading

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Chickweed harvest

I found some incredible patches of fresh Common chickweed and celebrated by making chickweed pesto.  The pesto is a blend of olive oil, garlic, sunflower seeds and parmesan cheese — with the chickweed.  Mmmmm . . .

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Herb sprinkles

I recently watched a video of Rosemary Gladstar as she made some “Antioxidant Herbal Sprinkles.”  When I looked at the ingredient list, I realized all the herbs were growing in my garden.  Hurrah for parsley . . . . . … Continue reading

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