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Drinking shiso

The garden produced an abundance of shiso this year (as noted in the spring sprouting of hundreds of shiso seedlings).  Since the shiso is beginning to grow its beautiful flowers, which will be followed by thousands of seeds that I … Continue reading

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Indian tobacco

Earlier this summer I discovered this plant beginning to bloom.  After some searching I learned that it is usually called “Indian tobacco” and its latin name is Lobelia inflata.  I also learned it is a medicinal plant.  I repeatedly saw … Continue reading

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Boneset harvest

I harvested, dried and saved boneset for the first time about six weeks ago.  Remember all those boneset stems hanging to dry?  Well I removed the leaves from their stems, crumbled them and put them in this jar. I connected … Continue reading

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Crab spider

As I walked through the tall, overgrown (needs mowing) grass, I noticed a blip on a blade of grass.  I looked closer and discovered a crab spider clinging to the grass. In this next shot, the spider has curled up … Continue reading

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Pond frog

After weeks of hearing the frogs in the pond – and not being able to see them because they jump out of sight whenever I come around – I went out in the rain to check on the pond’s water … Continue reading

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Spider season

I saw this spider with its prey near the back porch.  It was fascinating to watch how it wrapped the bug it had caught in its web – spinning it around to wrap it up, then resting for a bit.  … Continue reading

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Butterflies or carrots?

Last year I saw one of these caterpillars on a carrot plant.  So beautiful.  Later I found out it is a future black swallowtail butterfly.  Recently I saw this guy on a stripped volunteer carrot plant.  Then I noticed there … Continue reading

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Pollinating morning glories

When I walked around a near-by abandoned field looking for plants to photograph and identify, I saw a patch of ivy-leaved morning glory taking over a raised vegetable bed.  The bees were enjoying the flowers.  Amazingly, I succeeded at getting … Continue reading

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Black-and-yellow argiope

Early this morning I visited the local post office where I had found a lovely patch of weeds which included some spectacular milkweed plants.  I wanted to photograph the developing milkweed seed pods and look for other interesting plants in … Continue reading

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So many spiders

What you see here is a very large web in a tall coneflower plant.  Within the web are two spider egg masses which have hatched.  The spiders are already dispersing from the upper egg mass.  If you look closely at … Continue reading

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