About Tree Haven Resource Center (and Angelyn)

I live at a 2,600 foot elevation in the mountains of Western North Carolina. I call my home “Tree Haven Resource Center” because I love trees and the woods as representatives of nature. Also, this space resources me. . . nourishes my heart and feeds my creativity.


Like a “generalist” or a “renaissance woman,” I have many interests and skills. My current passions include gardening, photography and co-creating with nature and non-physical energies. I love learning useful computer software programs. So now I develop websites, too.


Each passion feeds and strengthens the others, just as intertwining threads of different colors twist around and through each other’s loops and knots to become a multi-hued length of yarn, then further twist into a rainbow-hued rope of creation. When I talk about one passion, I find myself sharing other passions. As a friend would say, “It’s not linear!”

Katydid on okra blossom